Frequently Asked Questions

(If you have a question that isn't answered here, you can message me via my Tumblr ask box or the Q&A site Retrospring!)

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Sometimes! But not in a while, since I've been focusing almost exclusively on finishing SLARPG. When I do take commissions, though, they aren't first come first serve. I open up a Google form for submissions, and I select a handful to do from there. I'll be sure to post in all the usual places (Twitter, Tumblr, FA) the next time I open commissions.

Q: (question about SLARPG)
A: SLARPG has its own FAQ page on Tumblr!

Q: What version of RPG Maker are you using?
A: VX Ace! Which is very old now, but SLARPG relies on too many Ace-specific scripts to turn back now.

Q: What program/brush settings do you use when drawing?
A: I used to do all my drawing in Photoshop. I typically use a default Photoshop brush, the spatter 24 pixels brush, with spacing turned down to 1% and scattering on both axes set to 76% with a count of 4. I now use Clip Studio Paint with a brush designed to look exactly like that Photoshop brush because I hate change