Hello and welcome to my web zone!

Hi! My name is Bobby Schroeder (28, she/her), known online by the handle ponett. I'm a trans indie game dev, digital illustrator, pixel artist, writer, amateur media critic, and occasional video game streamer from Florida. In other words, I draw furries and talk about Sonic the Hedgehog. My work is funded via Patreon, and to a lesser extent via tips on Ko-Fi!

If you have a question, you can ask it via my Tumblr ask box or the Q&A site Retrospring! For other inquiries, my professional email is ponettplus@gmail.com

You can find more information about me and the things I do via the links to the left!

Latest Updates:

  • May 10th, 2023 - Added link to new Mega Man Battle Network article to Other Writing page
  • November 5th, 2022 - Added sidebar link to my cohost profile
  • October 9th, 2022 - Added link to new My Little Pony G5 article to Other Writing page
  • September 29th, 2022 - Updated the SLARPG page with a link to the game's new site
  • August 7th, 2022 - Added page about my old game concept, Andromi
  • August 7th, 2022 - Added Backloggery and MyAnimeList links to About Me page
  • August 5th, 2022 - Made the site